About Us

About 16 years ago, Clint realized that working long shifts away from home would have a huge impact on the quality of his family’s life. A family man at heart, Clint knew that he had to make a change. With his ever growing family in mind (he now has 8 daughters - YES 8!!!) Clint invested his life savings into Metal Signs Canada.

Clint honoured his parents with his first two metal signs. The first metal sign was a last name monogram that celebrates his family’s lineage.

The second sign was piece from his metal wall art collection that Clint gave to his mother. Clint hung the metal wall art at the bottom of the staircase in his parent's home. It read, ‘Home Sweet Home’. Every morning Clint's mother would be reminded of her 4 boys and all the amazing memories created and shared here at home.

Unfortunately, Clint’s family home was destroyed by fire. After it was safe to enter the ruin, the metal sign was seen where it was originally hung. The sign still reading “Home Sweet Home’. Even after the sign was removed, the burnt impression remained on the wall.

Family home after fire /></p>
<p>Metal Signs Canada is a family owned and operated Canadian business that has helped many families display and celebrate all of their life's special moments.</p>
<p>The design team at Metal Signs Canada work diligently with you to create the perfect metal wall art display that depicts your family's personality, thoughts and emotions.</p>
<p>The manufacturing team brings your emotion to life using only high-quality, durable and ever lasting materials and finishes.</p>
<p>Our customer service team provides unmatched support by answering all your pre-order inquiries to even “where should I hang this metal sign” after your metal wall art or name monogram arrives at your door!</p>
<p>Let Clint and his knowledgeable team at Metal Signs Canada create a family heirloom that you and your family will celebrate for many years to come.<span> </span><b><a href=

Burnt impression of sign on wall